Python script output not being displayed in Travis log leads to build timeout


I have the following script section in my .travis.yaml file:

  - &
  - &
  - &
  - &
  - export PYTHONPATH=. && &
  - wait $(jobs -p)

Issue 1: For some reason the output of my script doesn’t get displayed in the build logs. If I debug the travis build running travis_run_script, the output gets displayed. If I directly run the script from a travis debug session the output gets displayed.
Issue 2: That command ( fails (for non important reasons) and my wait $(jobs -p) command hangs, leading to 10 minutes of no output leading to travis ending the build. I have no idea why this happens.

Any input is appreciated.

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Please link to the build in question.

If you have set -e in .travis.yml or one of the scripts, and an error occurs, it can cause the script to stop immediately without displaying an error. See:

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It’s possible to email to the Travis CI support and ask them to enable debug on your repo. With that, you’d be able to connect to the actual VMs over ssh and troubleshoot
that closer.