Python script output not being displayed in Travis log leads to build timeout


I have the following script section in my .travis.yaml file:

  - &
  - &
  - &
  - &
  - export PYTHONPATH=. && &
  - wait $(jobs -p)

Issue 1: For some reason the output of my script doesn’t get displayed in the build logs. If I debug the travis build running travis_run_script, the output gets displayed. If I directly run the script from a travis debug session the output gets displayed.
Issue 2: That command ( fails (for non important reasons) and my wait $(jobs -p) command hangs, leading to 10 minutes of no output leading to travis ending the build. I have no idea why this happens.

Any input is appreciated.

Please link to the build in question.

If you have set -e in .travis.yml or one of the scripts, and an error occurs, it can cause the script to stop immediately without displaying an error. See: