Maven-jaxb2-plugin - differences between trusty and xenial?

I’m struggeling with unexpected issues with the maven-jaxb2-plugin.

I changed from “oraclejdk8” to “openjdk8”, which lead to a failure on “openjdk11”:

Therefore I switched from “trusty” to “xenial” and got which in turn leads to a different behaviour of the Maven plugin (I assume it is the Maven plugin because it is the same error on all 3 JDK versions). I switched back to “trusty” and it was working again… Other projects using the same Maven plugin and version are working well in “xenial”.

I am running it locally with Maven 3.6.1 and Java 8 without issues and I am a bit stuck here. Anyone has a pointer where I might search? Is there any difference between “xenial” and “trusty” that might have caused this problem?

It’s an application error, because of the different result order of, so nothing Travis specific. Can be closed.