Maven-jaxb2-plugin - differences between trusty and xenial?


I’m struggeling with unexpected issues with the maven-jaxb2-plugin.

I changed from “oraclejdk8” to “openjdk8”, which lead to a failure on “openjdk11”:

Therefore I switched from “trusty” to “xenial” and got which in turn leads to a different behaviour of the Maven plugin (I assume it is the Maven plugin because it is the same error on all 3 JDK versions). I switched back to “trusty” and it was working again… Other projects using the same Maven plugin and version are working well in “xenial”.

I am running it locally with Maven 3.6.1 and Java 8 without issues and I am a bit stuck here. Anyone has a pointer where I might search? Is there any difference between “xenial” and “trusty” that might have caused this problem?