Default JDK on Xenial: openjdk8 or openjdk11?

Recently my builds started failing (due to default distro switching from trusty to xenial) and the build log indicates openjdk11. I don’t have a JDK version specified anywhere, so that’s just getting used by default.

Which is fine, except the xenial documentation says:

default is openjdk8

Which is it supposed to be then: openjdk8 or openjdk11?

I know I should probably specify the JDK version myself explicitly instead of relying on the default, but the builds and the documentation are still in contradiction.

tl;dr - the docs are out of date, and the jdk installer(s) are in flux, but the default definitely isnt 8 on xenial.

See rather long thread failing for openjdk9 and 10 for context about jdks in general; lots of tit-bits of useful information about the current situation.

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