[BUG] Requesting Xenial, getting Precise with language: android

As title said.

Sample: https://travis-ci.com/a5k-testing/unzip-test/builds/96905522

PS: Could you please add a specific category for bug reports?


We don’t have such an image at the moment. And may not have it in the near future. (Android images are a bit of work.)

What do you need in Xenial you can’t get on Trusty?

I don’t have a specific need currently but I usually always prefer to start with an updated OS and hopefully faster.

PS: It would be better to fallback to Trusty instead of Precise.

If you don’t specify dist, you should get Trusty.

Yes. This bug still exists.


Since the Android image is outdated and for me it wasn’t clear if the latest platform-,build- and sdk-tools where used I ended up using the dist:xenial image (2019-01-14) with language:minimal and set-up the Android related tools by myself:
View config

Even though the documentation states that xenial only comes with openjdk10 and openjdk11 preinstalled and that language:minimal doesn’t contains JVM at all, xenial/minimal actually has openjdk8 installed but JAVA_HOME needs to be set. :slight_smile:

Building works fine and is fast (2min 17sec for an empty sample project).

Launching the emulator and stuff should be no problem.

you might be interested in this - looks like you need the canary emulator right now Android emulators not starting for the last few days? (late March 2019)

this is not happening from some hours ago. Now, if you don’t specify dist you get Xenial, that in fact is a Precise worker instance XD. I’m having the same problem