Make running GUI/multimedia apps available in Windows

Trying to run some GUI tests(conda/pyqt5/pytest) inside Windows build, but apparently GUI isn’t supported on Windows Server Core.
Is there any change to have GUI enabled images in the future? Or maybe I am missing something.

I bumped into the same problem. Any updates? Thank you!

In my case, glfwInit crashed on TravisCI:

I am also looking for a way to perform GUI testing on Windows.

AFAICS, there’s no way to enable GUI functionality in Windows Server Core.

So it’s best to move this topic to the Feature Requests forum and vote on it.

It turns out, the same problem is with multimedia components:

We run into this issue as well for We’re currently unable to test our native UI integration on windows because of this limitation.

Hi, I would like to test the Glimmer desktop development GUI library for JRuby on Windows. It already runs on Mac and Linux Travis CI well.

It seems there is a way to install GUI on Windows Server Core, but apparently it requires a restart which I don’t know if possible on a CI environment. Anyway, this is what I found after a quick search:


You forgot to mention that it also requires an installation media from a full version of Windows Server of the specific release.

I suspect that it’s possible to run GUI without restart by running explorer in background or something (maybe for running GUI apps, even that is not required and the necessary libs will be available right away), but the media requirement makes this point moot.

How are you folks mitigating the issue temporarily? :slight_smile: Do you folks use another CI/CD service for testing on Windows alone

Personally speaking, there’s no much request for the testable Windows parts that require GUI so I just run it locally every now and then.