Make Clang 7 available for Ppc64 and s390 archs

Hi Everyone,

Thank you very much for providing both ppc64 and s390. I was manually testing ppc64 on the GCC Compile Farm, but I did not have testing in place for s390 (other than broken Debian chroots). Travis rocks.

We are using Bionic images for ppc64 and s390. Bionic comes with Clang 6.0.

We are finding Clang 6.0 is too immature for the ppc64 and s390 architectures. The compiler is too buggy and missing too many features. Confer, Noloader GitHub | Crypto++ (and the allowed_failures populated with Clang).

If possible, please make Clang 7.1 available in the Bionic images for ppc64 and s390. Clang 7.1 fixes bugs like . The 39704 bug sucks. It effectively breaks Altivec because SIMD code does not perform loads and stores correctly. It affects libraries like Botan and Crypto++. It will likely affect other libraries, like OpenCV.

If needed, I have a recipe for Clang 7.0 with patches for the 39704 bug at Noloader GitHub | Build LLVM. The script builds Clang 7.0 from sources with the appropriate patches applied. It should be rather easy to modify the script for Clang 7.1.

Thanks in advance for any help with Clang.

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According to and, clang-7 is available for these architectures.

Note that executables in that package have versioned names so you will need to set CC=clang-7 and such.

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