Looking for solution to update travis.yml without push to repo


I’m new to travis and docker and more, so is there someone that can assist in pointing out a good instruction or can give one on how update travis.yml file without needed to push changes in repo?

I googled and one solution could be to setup travis locally, but the guides I found seem to concern only windows and ruby and quite old so not sure if they are up to date. My computer is a Mac OS.

Travis is defined to execute on linux, trusty and java in travis.yml file …with a private GitHub repo.

Thank you in advance!

Hey @Rebecka,

Welcome to Travis! I think I get your question but can you clarify?

You can in the UI (user interface) use the “restart build” option to trigger a build, or you can from your command line (in the current branch) run:

git commit --amend --no-edit

This will recreate the last commit in the current branch, thus triggering a build without having to change anything.

Thanks for replying @Montana , I want to update the travis.yml file and ensuring before pushing the update of travis.yml file to the repo I want to test my changes are working so build is not failing due to the changes in the yml-file.

You can test .travis.yml with https://config.travis-ci.com/explore.

thanks, but I guess that is for syntax checking?
if you want trigger the actual commands in the travis.yml to ensure they are correct?

I would like to play around with docker images etc to trigger tests in these on remote hardware. Ambition is to have automatic test triggered by jobs nightly and on merge request.

I see what you mean now. You can trigger a build via API with the “Trigger build” option from the “More options” drop down menu in the build page, or use a direct API call (as explained in https://docs.travis-ci.com/user/triggering-builds/).

Be mindful of the merge mode, which is explained in the document above.