Literal \n in storing cache log output

A \n is not being rendered as a newline

store build cache
changes detected (content changed, file is created, or file is deleted):\n/home/travis/.local/lib/python3.6/site-packages/__pycache__/pytest_cov_threshold.cpython-36.pyc




changes detected, packing new archive

uploading tox-bear-list/cache-linux-xenial-131243c3085c946da0586bcb90f72ec150c01048de3f9ee6faa1c5f24ce35ab5.tgz

cache uploaded

Im not sure where little bugs like this go now; I couldnt find the cacher component in the travis-ci org on GitHub.

The bug is here:

Do you really want to expand arbitrary escape sequences in the message? It contains untrusted data! I’d rather make the message itself contain literal newlines:

You can test this with:

  branch: format-b
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