Pytest failed in Travis CI, local Windows+Ubuntu passed


Hi I’m new here and I’m trying out Travis with my codes :grinning:. Problem here is that I got an error
ValueError: output array is not acceptable (must have the right type, nr dimensions, and be a C-Array).
I’ve test(and passed) my code local with win 10(numpy 1.14.5) and ubuntu 14.04(numpy 1.15.4) with pytest. Can anyone help me solve this?

BTW if you want to clone repo to test out remember to checkout travis branch.

Github: link
Travis: link


You’re up for a debugging session.

Add diagnostic output, check package versions.

(For starters, you are not enforcing a minimum package version for numpy. Who knows what the builder has preinstalled.)


Thanks, you’re genius! I’ve added the numpy version in my requirements.txt and it worked!