Kill a command that doesn't terminate itself when its log shows that it's done

My Build output is exactly as it should be and is working well but the problem is travis recognize it as failed as there is no log for 10 minutes. Is there any way that the build is marked as passed if it gets to this stage.

AFAICS, the last command hangs and/or is waiting for something infinitely and the build never proceeds further.

You can run this command in the background, watch its output and terminate its process when you see a completion message, analogous to Running Docker containers in parallel with tests.

This a bot so it is meant to be running continuously until there is an error or process is terminated manually. I want this repo to work with heroku with ci. Therefore i need it to pass the build.

Your CI test should set up the bot, run the tests, and tear it down (including terminating the bot) when the tests are complete. Waiting for user input indefinitely should not be a part of your CI setup, because they will not come. (Some tools such as expect allows you to fake the user inputs.)