Build running a bot is successful but not ending

Hey there,
I’m making a bot with discordrb and wanted to integrate Travis CI. After installing all of the dependencies, it executes ruby main.rb and the following text is displayed (success).

$ ruby main.rb
libsodium not available! You can continue to use discordrb as normal but voice support won't work.
        Read for more details.
[INFO : websocket @ 2020-04-18 08:04:56.369] Discord using gateway protocol version: 6, requested: 6

The build is still running (though it’s successful). What can I do to stop it there and mark it as successful automatically (maybe even in the .travis.yaml file)?

My .travis.yaml:

  "language": "ruby",
  "rvm": [
  "before_install": [
    "gem install discordrb",
    "gem install openssl",
    "gem install uri",
    "gem install json",
    "ruby main.rb"

I’m new to this whole Travis thing so sorry if it’s obvious, but I didn’t really find any answers in the docs where I looked.

Thanks in advance!