Is travis supporting architecture s390x(zLinux) on private projects?

We would like to know if travis supports s390x architecture on private project. We have followed this blog and tried out travis for our private project where s390x architecture is not picked up but always amd64 environment is built.

Our project travis.yml file has the below content,

dist: xenial
language: go
sudo: required

  • docker
  • arch: s390x
  • 1.13.x

But always go language is installed for amd64 but not for s390x.

We also tried giving

  - s390x
os: linux

Still facing same issue, amd64 for go language is installed and i see the environment is amd64 rather than s390x. Could you please help us and let us know if there is support from travis end for s390x (zlinux) platform. If not when we could expect this requirement to be open-sourced ?