Is there a way to find a build by its build number?

I’ve been trying to find a way to find a build by its build number in the Travis web UI. The URLs use some sort of internal build ID instead of the build number displayed in the UI, sent in emails, etc. For example, the latest build of one of our branches is #7865, but the build URL is Occasionally, I need to find a build from a few weeks ago by its build number, since we use the build number in our tagging scheme for the software we release. But I’ve found no way to do that other than go to the Build History and tediously click “Show more” over and over until the build I’m looking for is visible. Is there a UI feature I’m not finding? Or an alternative URL format that would use the build number as the key to look up a build?

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You can get a list of your builds via API:

Interactively, you can make an appropriate call and see the result in the API explorer.

Thanks. How can I access the API Explorer? When I go to the page you linked and log in, I’m just redirected to the builds page.

IMO, the UI should provide a simple way to find a build by its build number without requiring manual API calls. Or at least there should be URL scheme for manually navigating to a build by its build number.