Retrieving builds with "offset" does not return all the expected builds



I downloaded all the builds from SonarSource/sonarqube project and I happened to encounter 2 odd behaviours.

  • I first used v3 of TravisCI APIs, and with pagination (offset and limit) I was able to retrieve builds from the latest (number 39427) to the number 11996 (the query for retrieving the rest returned empty). For the remaining ones from 11995 to 1, I had to use the TravisAPIs v2 and after_number parameter.
    Is this the expected behaviour of v3 of the APIs?

  • I also noticed that v3 APIs skipped some build numbers (between 39427 and 11996) which I then manually retrieved with the v2 APIs, which allows to retrieve builds by number (which v3 does not support).
    Is there a reason for the APIs not to return some builds?

All in all I managed to retrieve all builds from the latest to the very first one (according to build numbers at least). I just found it odd having to combine multiple versions of the APIs and different queries to accomplish it.

Thanks in advance for the amazing service you provide