Is .NET Core 3.0 supported?

Is there any support for .NET Core 3.0?

I have the following in my project’s .travis.yml:

mono: none
dotnet: 3.0.0

and it fails complaining:

The command "sudo apt-get install -qq dotnet-sdk-3.0=3.0.0*" failed and exited with 100 during .

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Please link to a build, copypasting things here gives incomplete information.

E.g. if you are using Trusty, it’s indeed not available:

Here is the link to the project build:

As per and, the only available version of dotnet-sdk-3.0 is 3.0.100-1 which 3.0.0* doesn’t match.

So use a non-fully-qualified version:

dotnet: 3.0

this will cause the installation logic to request dotnet-sdk-3.0, without a specific version number.

@Joshua-Anderson, according to, 3.0.100 is the latest release of .NET Core 3.0.0 SDK (as of this writing). So when seeing 3.0.0, the logic should request the package in a way that matches it.

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Still failing.
Doesnt work.

It worked for me for weeks with this configuration

language: csharp
- os: linux
dotnet: 3.0.100
mono: none
- os: osx
osx_image: xcode11
dotnet: 3.0.100
mono: none
sudo: false # use the new container-based Travis infrastructure

  • dotnet restore ./src/Vlingo.Directory.sln;
    dotnet build ./src/Vlingo.Directory.sln;
    dotnet test ./src/Vlingo.Directory.Tests/Vlingo.Directory.Tests.csproj;

And now it fails with “Unable to locate package dotnet-sdk-3.0”

cc @joshua-anderson @akoeplinger