.NET Core 3.0 Preview

Is there any way to get 3.0 preview working? I’m working on a project that requires C# 8.0 support.


I have the same question.

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Same here!

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@kerryjiang @ErikSchierboom

I got it working docker run command with following dotnet test shell command

I make use of Docker Service and Dockerfile

Travis docs


Build: .NET Core 3.0 Dependency Injection Framework

We can install preview using snaps. (It will always download the latest preview release)
here is gist link https://gist.github.com/iAmBipinPaul/ff94377254bb6467559ea705c84e4bf9

dist: xenial
  - name: dotnet-sdk
    classic: true
    channel: latest/beta
sudo: required
language: csharp
mono: none
  - sudo snap alias dotnet-sdk.dotnet dotnet
  - dotnet --version

Build log


Yes, iAmBipinPaul’s solution works. Thank you!

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How can I install both .Net Core 3 and .Net Core 2.2? Tried variations of your command but did not work

My finding is:

  • dotnet 2 gets installed as /usr/bin/dotnet
  • dotnet 3 gets installed as /snap/bin/dotnet

So if you need to use both, you can make the paths in your travis script explicit.
Wouldn’t rely on this for a production pipeline, but it works for toying around before .NET Core 3 is stable.

Is this still needed? (as. NET Core 3 is RTM)