IOS : Travis with Fastlane, double build?

Hello, I have not found anything about this, sorry if the subject has already been mentioned.

I would like to run my ios tests with Fastlane, however it seems that we are now obliged to specified in travis.yml : xcode_workspace, xcode_scheme, xcode_destination

as indicated in the documentation :

Travis CI runs xcodebuild and xcpretty by default to execute your tests. In order for xcodebuild to work, you need to tell it where to find your project or workspace …

So travis execute default xcodebuild , Then comes my fastlane scan that performs approximately the same thing.

my obejctif was therefore to delete the default build in order to gain 1 or 2 minutes during the build. I am wrong ? is there a solution to make this double build?

I tried to delete xcode_workspace, xcode_scheme, xcode_destination of my travis.yml, so as not to run the xcodebuild by default … the build is broken, with this warning :

0.01sWARNING: Using Objective-C testing without specifying a scheme and either a workspace or a project is deprecated.