Builds are no longer triggered

I have spent a while trying to find a solution to this but I have run out of options. I can’t figure it out at all.

There is no activity on travis and it seems the last successful build was 2 months ago.

I have pushed commits and pull requests to the master branch recently but travis hasn’t noticed.

I have tried the ‘trigger build’ beta feature but that fails with error message ‘rejected’.

Your configuration file has YAML syntax error.

Ah yes, not sure why though.

language: swift
osx_image: xcode10
xcode_scheme: Records
xcode_project: Records.xcodeproj
xcode_sdk: iphonesimulator12.0

  - master

  - run: 
    name: Install FOSSA
    command: curl -H 'Cache-Control: no-cache' | sudo bash
  - checkout

  - brew install sourcery

  - cd <SOURCE_DIR> && fossa

  - xcodebuild -scheme "$TRAVIS_XCODE_SCHEME" -project "$TRAVIS_XCODE_PROJECT" -sdk "$TRAVIS_XCODE_SDK" build

  - cd <SOURCE_DIR> && fossa test

Maybe it’s the indentation on only: ?

Have adjusted indentation and pushed. Hopefully that fixes the issue. Will feedback.

It’s not indentation. The offense is on

I suggest quoting the curl command string in its entirety.

Thanks @BanzaiMan

I’ll just remove Fossa, it’s rubbish anyway :smiley: