Install of openjdk11 is failing (again)

$ ~/bin/ --target "/home/travis/openjdk11" --workspace "/home/travis/.cache/install-jdk" --feature "11" --license "GPL" --cacerts 2019-04-17

Couldn't determine a download url for 11-GPL on linux-x64

The command "~/bin/ --target "/home/travis/openjdk11" --workspace "/home/travis/.cache/install-jdk" --feature "11" --license "GPL" --cacerts" failed and exited with 1 during .

I’m also having this issue since today

Using jdk12 also has a similar issue: OpenJDK 12 no longer usable

Well ATM is fixed for OpenJDK 12. As soon as it was fixed, however, OpenJDK 11 began failing.

Uploaded version 2019-04-18 a minute ago via

@iriberri Please update Travis’ copy of the script, again. Merci!

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Thanks @sormuras!

I confirm we’ve redeployed the component needed to update our version of

Could you restart your previously failing builds and let us know if they succeed now?

Hi @dominic – I still see the “old” 2019-04-17 version being pulled-in:

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Yes, I can second that, my build with OpenJDK 11 is also failing:

Problem still there for us too.

Been broken for 12+ hours now…

Seconding all the reports. Looking at various builds with slightly different configurations it looks like openjdk11 is failing on trusty but passes on xenial while oraclejdk8 is having the opposite behavior i.e. fails with xenial but passes with trusty (see vs

While waiting for JDK deployments to get fixed across platforms, switching to xenial might be a temporary workaround for those who can afford to run against a single working environment.

Hey everyone, sorry about that. I missed a step in re-deploying the required component. Could you again restart your failing builds and let us know the result? Thank you for your patience!

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@dominic retested with a previously failing build and I can confirm openjdk11/trusty now works as expected.


Hi, i can confirm that java 11 is working again.


This is failing again, noticed it broke a couple hours ago

It looks like only Trusty is affected:

Is it an option for you to add dist: xenial to your config? Probably a good move given Trusty will be EOL at the end of the month.

Let me know what you think!

Hi dominic,
I just tried openjdk11 with xenial and for me that works. What doesn’t however is openjdk12 (failed and exited with 51) and oraclejdk8 (Expected feature release number in range of 9 to 13, but got: 8) with xenial.
Maybe some more work?

Installing openjdk11

$ export JAVA_HOME=~/openjdk11

$ export PATH="$JAVA_HOME/bin:$PATH"

$ ~/bin/ --target “/home/travis/openjdk11” --workspace “/home/travis/.cache/install-jdk” --feature “11” --license “GPL” --cacerts 2019-04-18

The command “~/bin/ --target “/home/travis/openjdk11” --workspace “/home/travis/.cache/install-jdk” --feature “11” --license “GPL” --cacerts” failed and exited with 51 during .


Could we use this opportunity to switch to AdoptOpenJDK distribution?

Java 11 (LTS) binary they say would be available until September 2022.

Uh, isn’t Red Hat also providing support (building another distribution of the JVM)?