Install of openjdk11 is failing

The installation of latest openjdk11 (version 11.0.2) is failing:

$ export JAVA_HOME=~/openjdk11
$ export PATH="$JAVA_HOME/bin:$PATH"
$ ~/bin/ --target "/home/travis/openjdk11" --workspace "/home/travis/.cache/install-jdk" --feature "11" --license "GPL" --cacerts 2019-01-16
  feature = 11
  license = GPL
       os = linux-x64
      url =
   status = 404
  archive = /home/travis/.cache/install-jdk/openjdk-11.0.2_linux-x64_bin.tar.gz
Downloading JDK from
e[31;1mThe command "~/bin/ --target "/home/travis/openjdk11" --workspace "/home/travis/.cache/install-jdk" --feature "11" --license "GPL" --cacerts" failed and exited with 8 during .e

See for instance EPUBCheck build #638.1

Apparently a new build (9) is available, and the download link for the previous build (7) has been removed.

The build is now available at

What could be done to make the installation script a bit more resilient? Is the code available somewhere as open source?

The script is already fixed - Travis needs to pull-in the new version “2019-01-18”, @BanzaiMan

The script is maintained here: and focusses on getting the “-ea” version. Supporting GA is only a side-job. Travis CI and others should provide some cached/stored version of a JDK that’s released to GA.

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Opened to address the moving target…

Made the script perform the same lookup as for -ea version when installing openjdk11 for now.

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The new version has been deployed. I am traveling this weekend and generally unavailable, FYI.

Does Oracle’s license provide for such a maneuver?

Is there another channel I can address for such update requests?

Maybe. :wink: At least, providing the stored/cached GPL’ed openjdk is a good starting point. Should be no difference if someone runs on Travis CI with openjdk or Oracle JDK from version 11 on.

And, iirc, the xenial image already contains openjdk10 and openjdk11 … are those pre-installed instances used when s/o configures jdk: openjdk[10|11]?

We’re getting this issue as well. All builds fail with the log below. On Friday everything was working fine.

Installing openjdk11
$ export JAVA_HOME=~/openjdk11
$ export PATH="$JAVA_HOME/bin:$PATH"
$ ~/bin/ --target "/home/travis/openjdk11" --workspace "/home/travis/.cache/install-jdk" --feature "11" --license "GPL" --cacerts 2019-04-18
The command "~/bin/ --target "/home/travis/openjdk11" --workspace "/home/travis/.cache/install-jdk" --feature "11" --license "GPL" --cacerts" failed and exited with 51 during .

Got any news on this?

Edit: For kicks I tried a build with Java12, same issue.

Duplicate of Install of openjdk11 is failing (again) – more details at

Just did some tests and it seems to be fixed now. Could you again restart your previously failing builds to confirm? Thanks!

Never mind. I think it was a transient error.

It started to fail again today.