Oracle JDK11 build error

what can I do to fix this?

This is a duplicate of

I don’t find solution in that post, how to fix this?

You’ll have to wait until the fix is released.

Fix merged to via

It seems jdk11 build starts failing again.

It looks like only Trusty is affected:

Is it an option for you to add dist: xenial to your config? Probably a good move given Trusty will be EOL at the end of the month.

Let me know what you think!


So we are using both oraclejdk8 and openjdk11 in our Travis builds. After reading this thread I tried switching from trusty to xenial, and openjdk11 started working but oraclejdk8 broke.

Here is job with trusty:
And here on patch changing to xenial:

I can’t find anything related to this online. Any info why this is happening?

Hey @deathbeam, sorry for the troubles.

Unfortunately, something seems to have changed on Oracle’s servers that was making JDK runtime installation to fail. See the following for more details:

Following on from that, I just did some tests before writing you back and it seems that the issue got fixed as I’m now able to install these JDKs again. Hence, could you try to restart your previously failing build and let me know if it’s fixed on your side as well?


Hi, looks like oraclejdk11 is erroring again. Started happening yesterday and is still happening today.

Example build:

Downloading JDK from
The command "~/bin/ --target "/home/travis/oraclejdk11" --workspace "/home/travis/.cache/install-jdk" --feature "11" --license "BCL"" failed and exited with 8 during .

The above URL 302s to
which contains the message:

In order to download products from Oracle Technology Network you must agree to the OTN license terms.

Please see Install of oraclejdk11 is failing (11.0.3+12) for updates.