Install ccache on Windows

According to there is growing support for Windows in ccache. It may be spotty for Visual Studio compilers, but I guess should be better for clang and gcc (BTW also not listed in as available in the worker).

There are both official builds at and Chocolatey packages at

This should probably cover also automated caching back of the object files, with CCACHE_DIR preferably also resolving to “$HOME/.ccache” as it defaults on Linux/Unix systems.

Overall, sounds exciting to have more test targets available from the common ecosystem! Thanks!

So is this a request to simply include the ccache Chocolatey package in the Windows image, or to have a plugin/add-on that will (in addition to instaling ccache) implicitly configure the build cache settings?

Another good option for a ccache-like tool on Windows is which works with MSVC as well as gcc/clang.

I would prefer to keep things simple (for FOSS projects that already know how to use ccache when it is available - e.g. when there is no symlink named same as the chosen compiler, which happens a lot when picking non-default versions, rather than introducing another tool that sources would have to add support for).

I am not sure what the “implicit configuration” encompasses? Is it the creation of a %HOME%/.ccache directory and an optional config file there? Automatic entry for stashing the cache between builds? Or something more complicated?

I suppose for starters, including the package in Windows image would suffice; so at least projects that know how to choose the compiler they want, wrapped or not by ccache, can do so out of the box.