How to delete account

I’m a newbie to travis ci and accidentally created a duplicate account with my github account. how can I delete my duplicate?

You only can have one account associated with a particular Github account – so I’m not sure what you mean by a “duplicate account”.

Whatever is the case, there’s no option (that I could find) in the Web UI to delete your account, but you have the right under the GDPR to have your personal data erased – which effectively erases your account, too. The preferred procedure to exercise that right at Travis is described at

Not really… The email-account mentioned in your link declines to receive messages:

We’re writing to let you know that the group you tried to contact (data) may not exist, or you may not have permission to post messages to the group. A few more details on why you weren’t able to post:

  • You might have spelled or formatted the group name incorrectly.
  • The owner of the group may have removed this group.
  • You may need to join the group before receiving permission to post.
  • This group may not be open to posting.

If you have questions related to this or any other Google Group, visit the Help Center at

Thanks, admins

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