How to add WiX toolset bin path to the PATH?

I need the WiX toolset for my build. I managed to install it using :

    - powershell Install-WindowsFeature Net-Framework-Core
    - choco install wixtoolset

But I need the WiX command-line tools on my PATH… For the moment I have hardcoded the following:

    - export PATH=$PATH:"/c/Program Files (x86)/WiX Toolset v3.11/bin"

But this could change anytime, so it’s not a satisfactory solution.

I tried to force the installation dirertory using -params 'installdir=c:\\wixtoolset' but the installer doesn’t seem to honor the parameter.

I know that the installer sets the WIX environment variable, as I could see by running

    - cmd.exe //c "RefreshEnv.cmd & set"

So, knowing this, is there a way to get the WIX variable and update my PATH accordingly?