How to access a triggered build's message?

When a build is run via a trigger, is there a way to access the message, if one was given, from the build itself? I tried to use TRAVIS_COMMIT_MESSAGE from within the build, but that has the actual commit message, and I can’t see any other documented ENV vars that would have this value.

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Could you link to an example build showcasing what you’ve described?

Here is an example build -

You can see the triggered message appears above in the build description (Deployed site for ManageIQ/ I want to use that trigger message as the commit message for the deployment via Github pages. However, you can see that if I use TRAVIS_COMMIT_MESSAGE it uses the message from the actual commit (not the trigger message) - . I’m not sure what ENV var to use in the deploy step to access that triggered build message.

I’ve checked all the envvars and also all of the build dir (it contains all the stuff autogenerated for the build), and the custom message does not appear anywhere.

Neither does any kind of message appear in build details in the API.

So it’s not available as of now AFAICS.

If you need to customize what the custom build does, you can pass a custom config for that (keep the merge mode in mind).

Related, possible duplicate of:

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Thank you. /me now asks for a feature request :smiley:

Please create a separate topic for the feature request.