A issue of Trigger build

When I trigger build without any more custom build in travis-ci.com, the build terminate at the instrument source ci-helpers/travis/setup_conda.sh, here is the build log https://travis-ci.com/YannLuo/astropy/builds/97484565

However, when I trigger build by creating a new commit, it behaved as expected, the expected behavior: https://travis-ci.com/YannLuo/astropy/builds/97481407

Your build is probably hitting this line in setup_conda.sh.

For API requests, $TRAVIS_EVENT_TYPE is api (https://docs.travis-ci.com/user/environment-variables/#default-environment-variables) and it is not in the list of allowed events.

The helper should emit more helpful message and fail more gracefully, but that should be handled by the tool developer https://github.com/astropy/ci-helpers.

I modified the envionment variables and it behaves correctly. Thank you!