Travis can't find com.fasterxml.jackson.core:jackson-databind:jar:2.9.10 even though it's published in maven central (maven 3.2.5 and below)

I’m a maintainer of git-commit-id-plugin which is essentially a Maven Plugin that uses Java.
I’m using travis for quite some time now without any issues. However the latest build where I only updated some dependencies the build started to fail without any obvious reason.

What I’m doing is essentially installing the plugin locally to the travis instance and then run a ‘demo’ that tests if the installed version works with a particular maven version. With the the latest build this started to fail for maven 3.2.5 and below.

The dependency why the build is failing is published to maven central

Does anyone perhaps know any reason for this?


Thank you kind stranger! i should have waited a day longer. indeed it seems that this has been caused by a sync issue (even though it feels weird that this only affects some maven versions). The dependency is now available and build is working again.