Free/open source repos went missing?

Hi Everyone,

Three of my repos from GitHub went missing. They no longer show up in my dashboard, and there’s a hammer and nail animation. The build history is also gone. For example, here is the first one on the list, cryptopp.

I went poking around and I found them here:

They are all public repos. For example, here is the first one, cryptopp.

I’m not sure what is going on with them, or how to move them back to GitHub free/open source repositories. I don’t even know what Migration means or what triggers it.

Whatever happened, it happened sometime today.

How do I move the repos back to the GitHub free/open source repositories list?

Thanks in advance.

I have the same issue, with the additional wrinkle that the missing repos are associated with my GitHub team.

@noloader, did you by any chance accidentally jump from to

I can see all your repos at

For my issue, I think that (travis-pro) is authorized on github, but is not. I don’t see a way to change this.

I experienced this… At first I was looking at but I then went to and found what I was looking for