Failure with Perl 5.12 and 5.10

Travis build for Finance::Quote module in Github stops and fails for no apparent recent for Perl 5.12 and 5.10.

Stops and fails executing “dzil authordeps | cpanm --notest --skip-satisfied”. The raw log shows no obvious error.

language: perl

    - "5.20"
    - "5.18"
    - "5.16"
    - "5.14"
    - "5.12"
    - "5.10"

# F::Q probably works on 5.8, but some of the tests don't. It's
# disabled for now.
#   - "5.8"


    - cpanm --notest --skip-satisfied Dist::Zilla

    - dzil authordeps         | cpanm --notest --skip-satisfied
    - dzil listdeps --author  | cpanm --notest --skip-satisfied

- dzil test --all

Configuring Dist-Zilla-Plugin-OurPkgVersion-0.20 … N/A

When running with --verbose, this unassuming line deciphers to (emphasis mine):

Entering Dist-Zilla-Plugin-OurPkgVersion-0.20
Checking configure dependencies from META.json
Checking if you have ExtUtils::MakeMaker 6.58 … Yes (7.10)
Running Makefile.PL
Configuring Dist-Zilla-Plugin-OurPkgVersion-0.20 … Perl 5.014 or better required
! Configure failed for Dist-Zilla-Plugin-OurPkgVersion-0.20. See /home/travis/.cpanm/work/1560640276.3846/build.log for details.

cpanm accumulates the list of failed modules in the _doit function in the @fail variable but never reports them. This is a major oversight IMO. You can report this to cpanm maintainer and/or offer a patch.

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