Errored job, not sure why (test passed and returned 0) (Solved)


I’ve been trying to setup multi-os tests for an c++ software for a few days, and it is finally working ! Only problem is that travis shows that the windows job failed, even though the script returned 0.

To give you more details, I’m first installing msys2 via chocolatey, then installing make, flex, bison, gcc and diffutils using pacman, compiling the code, and running a simple test. (All of this is done via bash -lc calls, using powershell, as described here)

The travis build is accessible here :

Any comment, information would be greatly appreciated !


Why are you running Stop-Computer? Does it return any status? If so, what?

I’m running it because otherwise the build won’t stop, and fail after 10 mins without (something related to msys2 install).
True, I haven’t thought about testing its return value.
I’ll have a look, thanks !

Build times out when msys was installed might help

It says to do taskkill -IM "gpg-agent.exe" -F

It works !

I needed to add the taskkill command at the end of msys2 install.

Not sure if the problem was indeed the Stop-Computer. I had removed it when I added the taskkill, and it works. I restored it as a test, and it still works.

Thanks a lot jayvdb !

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