Error "pyenv: version `3.6' not installed" since a week

The projects are not written in python but can be built using Meson so typically there was in the config file

  - pyenv global system 3.6
  - pip3 install 'meson>=0.47'

Since a week this has started to fail, with the message “pyenv: version `3.6’ not installed”.
After determining that the python version setup by default is now 3.4.3, there was an attempt to use this version number with pyenv, which also failed. Finally the only things that worked was

  - pyenv install 3.6.3
  - pyenv global system 3.6.3
  - pip3 install 'meson==0.47'

But this is super slow. What’s happening ? Could you recommend me a faster way to setup Meson ?
Note that the python version doesn’t matter at all.

The problem most probably appeared when Travis recently dropped container-based environments.

Unless your project language: is python, you only have whatever Python 2 and Python 3 versions the distribution provides preinstalledwhich for Trusty is python3 3.4.0. If you need anything else, you have to install it yourself.

The simplest solution for you will be to move to dist: xenial which provides python3 3.5.1 that meson still supports as of this writing.

Note that you’ll have to sudo apt-get python3-setuptools python3-pip to install packages with pip3.

Yes i just realized that pyenv is not required. But Meson requires python 3 >= 3.5 so it looks like the first step that is to install another python 3 version (first link) is actually necessary although slow.

Is moving to xenial as I suggested not an option?

It is and I’m trying this right now.