Environmental variables randomly missing in OSX builds

With no apparent reason, exported environmental variables are not available from time to time on osx builds with xcode 11.3 (maybe it is not related specifically to osx or xcode11.3 but I tested only this combination).

Have a look at this project (they were failing anyway for other reasons not related to travis). Some build sees the bintrayApiKey and bintrayUsername envs while others don’t (you can see it from the output publishing credentials not found or not).

Also in the settings.gradle.kts file I am checking the CI env variable; when the Bintray ones are missing, the CI one is missing as well and the build log does not get published on Gradle Build Scans service.

Am I missing something in my .yml, or maybe the settings page is misconfigured somehow? Or maybe it’s just a bug.

In the last builds they are always missing! I do not know what to do at this point.

Never mind I was using sudo for my script…