Environment variables not set anymore


I have this build: https://travis-ci.org/Becklyn/mojave/builds/584466665

I have these env vars in the settings for this project:

But they don’t appear in the log anymore.
Previously they were there with like

export BROWSERSTACK_KEY=[secure]

Now they don’t appear in the log anymore and “accidentally” our build is broken because of two missing env variables.

Is there something I need to change or configure differently?


The job you point to is a PR build (from a fork), so it doesn’t get to use the secrets for security reasons.

Okay, I understand that.

But does that mean, that PR builds (from a fork) can never have any build run, because we need BrowserStack for our builds?

That makes the OSS model for frontend code pretty broken?

The code in PRs is untrusted because the contributor can change anything in it.
So if you wish to provide a secret variable to a PR build, it’s effectively public – they can always find a way to expose its value.
As such, there’s no point in making it a secret variable then.