Elm make blocks for >10m

Hi everyone,
I don’t know if this is the right place to post. But since I already automated my build on travis-ci, I can be sure, that everyone will be familiar with the build output.

I might be strumbled upon a bug in elm/compiler:
When I try to build my repo, my whole computer freezes and I have to kill the process. Here the same result on travis-ci:
Is there a way to get the filename of the file causing trouble? Is there a way to debug this? The only progress I made so far is, that if i comment out line 12 of src/Main.elm (namely import Page), I will be told that Page is not defined (which is in this case correct)
Please help me @stoeffel and @rtfeldman, you’re my only hope :slight_smile:

Googling “elm debugging” brings up multiple relevant results, e.g. https://jaketrent.com/post/debug-locally-elm/

You can ask this at Stack Overflow. Make sure to:

  • do your own research first (and give an overview of results)
  • emphasize that you’re looking for general debugging techniques specific to the language rather than diagnosing this specific issue, and specifically for techniques applicable in a CI environment
  • provide a minimal, complete and verifiable example
  • put effort into writing and formatting your question, re-read it to verify that it’s clear, concise, all the key points are easily discernable, it has correct focus