Dplv2 google cloud storage (gcs) fails to install on windows

I’m trying to build my rust program and upload the final binary to a google cloud storage bucket, but the run on windows fails at the “Installing deployment dependencies” step.
here’s a screenshot
Nothing happens after this, but the dashboard will say the build is in progress, and it won’t fail unless I cancel it.

Hey @beni69,

Remember that cmd.exe being a terminal window relies on input and system environment variables in order to perform what you request it to do. So it doesn’t know the location of every last thing, and it also does not know when to distinguish between commands or executable names which are separated by whitespace like space and tab.

Try converting the path separators from ~ to \\ in the exec parameter. Without seeing your whole .travis.yml it will be hard for me to answer this in a meaningful way.

Because of your reported error I can assume that the executable is not in the current directory or in a location specified within the %Path% variable.