Dotnet-sdk-3.0 is not available on arm64

I tried to build on ARM64 but the dotnet package is not available there.
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The official .Net SDK Apt repo doesn’t have packages for ARM – so it cannot be installed the normal way.

There are instructions at the official site but they are quite sketchy:

  • only mention nightly versions (isn’t there a release?)
  • not specific to a distro version while it installs prebuilt binaries (so it should work for both Xenial and Bionic despite this? Trusty is not supported)
  • located in some 3rd-party gist rather than MS’ official site (huh?)
  • don’t even mention .Net version (!) Would it e.g. install 3.0 or 3.1?

So, could you provide some kind of reliable installation instructions that can install all SDK releases officially supported for ARM64 and are expected to stay valid for a long time?

The corresponding code is in so you can make a PR against it to help move things along.

I wish I could contribute a PR here. Anyway, from the hint of the gist,

They don’t use 3.1.100 but a 3.1.1xx. 3.1.2xx is also available. Although it’s not a fixed version, I guess this should do it.

Similarly, hash not pgp is available here:

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The logic is at