Can't install .net core 3.1 on xenial

@joshua-anderson @akoeplinger @nterry

Installing .NET Core
10.22s0.35sE: Unable to locate package dotnet-sdk-3.1
E: Couldn't find any package by glob 'dotnet-sdk-3.1'
E: Couldn't find any package by regex 'dotnet-sdk-3.1'
The command "sudo apt-get install -qq dotnet-sdk-3.1=3.1.102*" failed and exited with 100 during .

Your build has been stopped.

Worked fine this morning. Can you tell me what’s wrong?
this is the build, but it’s a private build so you may not have access to it:

Same here. Build worked fine this morning but failed just now.

We’re seeing the same behavior with the dotnet-sdk-2.2 image.

Checking MS’ repo contents:

@brandongregoryscott dotnet-sdk-2.2 is available at the moment, try again.

@itaibh same for dotnet-sdk-3.1=3.1.102*.

Looks like MS was updating their repo and it was empty for some time.

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Restarted the same build hours later and the problem seems to have been fixed.

Thanks. It’s working now.