Documentation is outdated on Nunit section

Hey guys,

today I tried the C# build with running the unit tests and followed the documentation.

I think there is an mistake in the C# Nunit section.

mono ./testrunner/NUnit.Runners.3.9.0/tools/nunit-console3.exe ./MyProject.Tests/bin/Release/MyProject.Tests.dll
Failed for me because the nunit-console3.exe was not found. The problem is that the path has changed to
./testrunner/NUnit.ConsoleRunner.3.9.0/tools/nunit3-console.exe. I think would be cool if you can update the docs.

After changing the path everything worked well :+1:
Thanks for this nice CI tool.


You can propose your documentation changes by clicking on the button on the upper right corner. :slight_smile:


you’re right I had overseen that.

I created a PR for this


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