Error occurred: The path specified in the "TestAdapterPath" is invalid

Test run for /home/travis/build/Backendless/.NET-SDK/Projects/TestProject/bin/Debug/netcoreapp2.0/TestProject.dll(.NETCoreApp,Version=v2.0)


TestProject -> /home/travis/build/Backendless/.NET-SDK/Projects/TestProject/bin/Debug/netcoreapp2.0/TestProject.dll

3>Done Building Project "/home/travis/build/Backendless/.NET-SDK/Projects/TestProject/TestProject.csproj" (default targets).

Microsoft (R) Test Execution Command Line Tool Version 15.3.0-preview-20170628-02

Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

The path ';/home/travis/.nuget/packages/coverlet.collector/1.0.1/build/netstandard1.0/' specified in the 'TestAdapterPath' is invalid. Error: The custom test adapter search path provided was not found, provide a valid path and try again.

3>Done Building Project "/home/travis/build/Backendless/.NET-SDK/Projects/TestProject/TestProject.csproj" (VSTest target(s)) -- FAILED.

1>Done Building Project "/home/travis/build/Backendless/.NET-SDK/Travis.Tests.Build/TravisBuild/TravisBuild.sln" (VSTest target(s)) -- FAILED.

My travis.yml file:

language: csharp
mono: none
sudo: required
dotnet: 2.0.0
dist: xenial
- dotnet restore ".\Travis.Tests.Build\TravisBuild\TravisBuild.sln"
- dotnet build ".\Travis.Tests.Build\TravisBuild\TravisBuild.sln" -c Debug
- dotnet test ".\Travis.Tests.Build\TravisBuild\TravisBuild.sln" -c Debug -v n

How can I test my project? Why am I getting this error?
Help pls.

Please link to the build, copypasting config and error message is not enough.

Hi, the problem was already fixed, it was necessary to remove the nugget package “coverlet.collector”.
Honestly, I have no idea where it came from in my project, but after deleting it, everything worked as before, and the integration with Travis started working without errors.