Docker cache is not used when building the image

Hi there,

I have a docker build that takes a lot of time to download and install and hence I want to cache it. The build is not used anywhere, it’s only a vehicle for spitting out a binary at the end.

I found a very useful comment on an issue here that shows you how to set up a cache for it.

I did this and when building the image, the cache is not used at all, even though it gets to be loaded. This is the same as pushing the image to docker hub and then pulling it - the cache it’s not used at all (I already experimented with this). This is different if I’m doing it locally, of course.

Have a look at my configuration file and build logs here:

And just so you know, docker is building the image here:

Do you guys have any insight as to why the cache is not picked up? From either source (the travis-ci cache or docker hub). I don’t see any reason why it wouldn’t.


PS: Ignore that it fails to do the deploying - that’s something I’ve got to fix. :smiley:

Hey everyone,

I’m coming with a follow-up to this thread. Does anyone in the tech team have any idea why it behaves in this way? Or at least has anyone got into this issue that might give me a tip or anything?

Thank you!