Are docker images or Dockerfiles publicly available?

I have a nodejs Travis CI build for a Cypress test project. On Travis one test consistently fails that I cannot get to fail on other machines.

From the logs I seem to notice this is run in an Ubuntu xenial docker container. I tried setting up a similar docker container but no luck, all tests succeed.

Is there a way to get the docker images or Dockerfile for this environment so I can try and debug this locally?

Here’s my .travis.yml file for reference.

Judging by your build log, you aren’t using Docker in your build, so the logic is rather run in a Linux VM.

Images of Travis workers are not published; the closest thing available is

You can use debug mode to tackle the problem interactively or debug printing to examine the state of the program and environment at the place where the problem happens.

I also see a warning from Cypress that it cannot record a video due to your settings. So if you change settings so that it can, you will be able to upload this video somewhere for examination.

Are you sure about the VM? Line 32 of the build log clearly mentions docker.

It just means that Docker is preinstalled on the image. Your builds run on VMs.