Display language version together with job name in job list for named jobs

We currently give names to our jobs for our project configured to use Node.js.
However, as opposed to unnamed jobs, named jobs do not contain the Node.js version as seen here.

I tried to add the corresponding environment variable to the name property by doing - name: "Production build - Node.js: $TRAVIS_NODE_VERSION", but no dice, the env vars do not get expanded as seen here.

Is there a trick I could use here, or any way to display the Node.js version in job names? Thanks!

Unfortunately there is not. Job names must be configured when the jobs are created, before before build script is compiled (and later any environment variable such as $TRAVIS_NODE_VERSION is defined).

Thanks @BanzaiMan, I was expecting that :confused:
Any chance you could append the version to the job name, then? Since it is displayed on unnamed jobs, would it be possible to add it to named jobs on your end (yes, this ticket became a feature request lol).

Could you elaborate on what you mean by this? I am not sure what you are asking.

My question became a feature request, but I was asking if it would be possible to display the Node version regardless of a named job or not.

Using my impressive Chrome-Devtools-as-a-Photoshop-alternative skills, something along those lines:

OK. So, you want the job name to not hide the language version. There is not a whole lot of real estate, so there is very little room to play with, but I see how this can be useful.

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Exactly! Thanks for following-up, will be looking forward for it :slight_smile: