Add custom job name into the API


I would like to query the name of a job that was created using the matrix attribute by a PR from github.
Example .travis File:

  - name: 'super test1'
    env: TEST_NAME='TEST1'
  - name: 'super test2'
    env: TEST_NAME='TEST2'
script: java -jar "${JAR_PATH}" -test "${TEST_NAME}"

I can’t get the value of name attribute (which is shown on travis webpage). Neither with the ‘build’ ( nor with the ‘job’ ( request.

Can anyone help me ?

Greetings, Michael

Confirmed that the custom name isn’t present in job info or build info anywhere, only the autogenerated “id” and “number”.

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I contacted the travis CI support and also got the confirmation that the information is not exposed via the API yet.

However, the support wrote me that they filed a feature request to make it visible. :slight_smile: