Add tags/messages/job names depending on dynamic job result

Our Travis build will trigger a large number of jobs.

In each job there is a bash script that will set certain custom job properties. Eg, “job-cancelled-by-script”, “warnings=1000”, “performance-problem”

I would like to be able show the job property in the build overview in a specific column:

If this is not currently possible. Is there a work around?:

  1. Can I set the Job name from a bash script?
  2. Can I return a custom build result message?

You can set the name property in each job to be shown instead of what’s shown by default.

See and its configuration.

Unfortunately the “name” property is ‘static’. You need to set it on forehand. The property value cannot reference any environment variable.

The problem is that in my case the label/job name will be determined during the build.