Cron Job functionality does not work

I noticed that travis “Cron Jobs” feature does not trigger builds.
Could you help me please?

Hi @Uaman,

Can you show me the build in question?

/github/flexmonster/pivot-vue - the last build was 4 days ago. There is a cron job scheduled on everyday. The settings message says:
Ran 18 minutes ago
Scheduled in a day from now
but no build was triggered.

Hi @Uaman,

Upon further inspection of your build configurations, could you confirm if the “flexmonsterteam” account was responsible for establishing the cron in question? If that’s the case, kindly log in to that account, then log out, and attempt the process once more.

Hi @Montana ,
Those cron jobs were not set by the “flexmonsterteam” account.
I have set a cron job for the project under “flexmonsterteam” account but still no luck.

Cross-linking another issue which is currently preventing cron jobs for us: Dependabot not triggering builds - #6 by qci-amos