Cron jobs stopped working 2021-06-09?

On three different projects that have set up a daily cron job, the last cron job ran on 2021-06-09:

For two of them I am admin, and the cron job is still shown in the settings. It even says it ran “9 hours ago”. But that does not seem to be true, there is no build in the build list (and for the third project, the website that it should update each day has not been updated since 2021-06-09).

Did cron jobs just shut down a few weeks ago? Is there any estimate of when they will be resumed?

I was told that possibly, this is due to free credits running out. There was no notification about this and there is no error message anywhere in the UI (that I could see) that would tell me about this.

But I guess it is time to leave this sinking ship…