Why is my task always in the queue,this gives me a headache

It is finally done.
It kept me waiting for a long time.
please close

Hey @murongg,

I’d recommend you reading this: Builds hang in queued state.

Also, if you are using a Linux CI you might want to take a look at “Build delays for open source project” in the last few days there has been a not clearly explained reduction in the number of Linux workers which is having a noticeable impact on the time it takes for Linux jobs to get to the booting stage… :grimacing:

@Montana Could you use the announcement facility in the Web UI to notify users that you’re moving resources away from the https://travis-ci.org infrastructure in accordance to your plan to close it on 31.12 and urge them to migrate? This would save everyone a whole lot of headache and confusion and would be much better UX.