Build delays for open source project

Migrating has helped for me.

But I’m only migrating forks so far, because logs are not migrated and it’s unclear if they will be:


In case you missed the announcement (I did), it turns out that open source will no longer be offered free service on either.

I had realized my builds stopped working on .org [1] , and was moving them all over to .com – where they started working as expected again – but I hadn’t realized that was just buying me a tiny bit of time.

[1] Despite the FAQ saying “we’re making a number of changes to the infrastructure to ensure the service will remain as reliable and available to you as it always has been until the migration is completed.”, we all just discovered that was not the case.


Your blog @geerlingguy does seem to hit the nail on the head - and it ain’t positive reading for FOSS projects folks…

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The build delays continued every day last week to Friday 6 Nov 2020. Things have caught up at the weekend. I had a time a couple of hours ago when nothing seemed to start - but that was “in the middle of the night” US time. Maybe there was some restarting of workers happening or… clearly shows that there are not enough workers during the week. It does almost catch up during US/EU midnight to early morning hours.

Looks like open-source has to be done in Australia, at the weekends or in the early hours of the morning.

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As was pointed out in Builds hang in queued state linked to earlier in this topic, Travis is moving workers from to in preparation to fully close .org (or rather, make it read-only) around the New Year.

So you need to migrate to .com to stop experiencing delays. Note the caveats:

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