Arm64 required "filter_secrets: false"

FYI, I was seeing freezing of the arm64 VM. There would just be a sudden break in output like:

Similar behavior occurs on Windows Alpha builds and the workaround is to set “filter_secrets: false” for that build. This seems to fix arm64 builds also as I’m no longer seeing the issue.

Thanks for coming back @jay0lee!

Happy to see you’re testing multi-cpu arch builds. We’ll look into reported issue, as indeed it resembles the one on Windows Alpha.

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@jay0lee We’ve made a backend change on your account (i.e. jay0lee) that changes the implementation of our logs filtering mechanism. Could you try to run new builds without filter_secrets: false to see if this one works better on ARM builds? Thanks!

Thanks Dominic, appreciate the quick response and action. Unfortunately it still seems to be locking up without filter_secrets: false. See:

Yep, something’s still not entirely right. We’re looking into it, yet it seems it’s going to take some time on our end.

We appreciate a lot your testing and feedback, @jay0lee !

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