Arm64 builds hang for hours and then error out with "Automatic restarts limited"

Some days ago my arm64 jobs all began not to start up at all for many hours and eventually error out with Automatic restarts limited: Please try restarting this job later or contact (see

I’ve already set them as allow_failure but that doesn’t really help because my entire pipleline hangs for half a day or more due to the arm64 issues. I’ve contacted support as mentioned in the error, just wanted to see if others experience the same issue currently.

If there’s no fix in the next week I’ll have to remove arm64 builds altogether as they’re now severely hindering our Google Summer of Code project progress… :frowning_face:


For an example of a currently hanging build see and the screenshot below:

The job was hanging for almost 10h already when I took the screenshot.

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Same here ARM64 CI is completely broken - no usefull reactions by support. Looks like they have a quite complicated problem.

I’m seeing the same thing, arm64/bionic just sits there for 45min or longer waiting to build. Current one I’m looking at has been waiting for 1hr+.

Same issue here, just yesterday, for example:

(Marking this topic resolved as the incident appears resolved. There’s a similar problem now but that’s clearly a different one.)

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